July 2, 2016


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July 2, 2016

Species: Roebuck | Location: Northern Velebit National Park, Croatia

A roebuck in the deep forest of the Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia.

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About The Photographer

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When there is already a mountain it should be climbed patiently and long to the top. When there is already a mountain it needs to be met with heart and ear like a mother's word. When there is already a mountain it should be conquered, slowly and wisely as the only love. (Kad već postoji planina, Ljerka Car-Matutinovic) Nino Salkić (1995) is a young Croatian photographer, team member of NGO “DivljinaVelebita” and a student at Karlovac University of Applied Sciences where he is studying nature conservation and hunting. Nino is living and working in the Velebit Rewilding area. His family originates from Velebit and during his childhood, he developed a special relationship with the mountain and its wildlife. He started expressing this relationship in his early years, through the lenses of his camera, continuing the tradition of his grandfather and great grandfather who were both professional photographers. He participated in several joint photo expeditions in Senj and Zagreb and cooperated with the Tourist Community of Senj and Grifon – Birds of Prey Conservation Centre. He is a member of the Mountaineering club „Zavižan“ and Crometeo team, and cofounder of the Photo club Trazilo and Storm chasing team in Senj. With his work, he focuses on the promotion of natural beauties, wildlife and cultural heritage of Croatia.

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