June 27, 2016

A Stolen Moment of Solitude and Calm

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June 27, 2016
A Stolen Moment of Solitude and Calm

Species: Red Fox | Location: Cumberland county, Nova Scotia, Canada

This beautiful vixen has been the matriarch of a clan of foxes that live along the Wallace River in Nova Scotia. I've followed them for several years—this year's litter was extraordinarily large at 15 kits, possibly 2 litters combined. She is a very busy lady! Always out on the hunt for more food for the ravenous babies. I watched her bring in a freshly killed rabbit, drop it in the den for the young ones, and then, after a contented sigh, step up onto this tree stump and settle down for a well earned nap.

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About The Photographer

A love of nature has brought me to enjoy seeing the world and capturing the beauty through the lens of a camera. I have a special affinity for foxes. I am so very lucky to have access to a very special family of them and have now for a few years. They are almost magical creatures.

While I have a busy career in emergency health care, my time with the camera is my escape and it is what has kept me grounded from some of the less pleasant side of my job. I am eternally grateful for the gift it brings me.

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