May 27, 2015

Off to the Races

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May 27, 2015
Off to the Races

Species: Reticulated Giraffe | Location: Samburu, Kenya

We were on our morning game drive and were heading back to camp. The guide spotted a group of giraffes. They seemed to be drinking water, but we couldn't see any. We drove closer (staying on the road and not too close). Unfortunately we spooked them and they ran off a short distance. I was able to capture them before they were too far away. Luckily, they realized we weren't a threat as we sat there quietly for about 20 minutes, and they returned to finish their drink.

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About The Photographer

I'm an avid traveler who is trying to see as many areas of the world as possible. My goal is to see these environments before they are significantly impacted by climate change. I was shooting Nikon, but switched to Canon in 2014. Macros of flowers and plants were my first SLR subjects, but once I purchased longer lenses I've added birds, mammals and pretty much anything that moves. After each trip I make presentations in the local community, to try to build awareness of these areas and the issues that they face. Hopefully this will encourage more people to contribute to the support of these fragile environments.

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