September 3, 2019

Purple Sunbird With Young

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September 3, 2019
Purple Sunbird With Young

Species: Purple Sunbird | Location: Sind province, school campus, Pakistan

When I was teaching in Karachi, Pakistan, many species of birds chose our school campus as their homes. Every year, the Purple Sunbirds would extend their territory and make their nests around the teachers' residences. One year, a female Sunbird decided to build her nest a few meters away from my residence. After laying her eggs and sitting on them for a few weeks, two babies hatched. So every day after school, I would sit near the nest and wait for the female to feed the babies.

About The Photographer

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My name is Johanne Berger. I am presently teaching Physics and Math at a High School in China. Besides Physics and Math, I have taught Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Zoology/Botany and Biology in several countries, including Canada, United States, Malaysia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan and Mongolia. I have many hobbies, such as knitting, drawing, reading, playing the violin and accordion, learning foreign languages, playing ping pong, travelling and taking photographs. Since I have started teaching overseas eighteen years ago, my passion for nature photography, which started at a very young age, has increased as I got more opportunities to take great photographs of exotic animals, especially birds. My best moment happens when I have been waiting for a good shoot and out of a sudden, I see a bird feeding her young or an eagle capturing a smaller bird. With great excitement and enthusiasm, I, confidently, prepare myself to capture the great image. But just as I am ready to shoot, the bird flies away. Now that I have lost my chance of getting a great photo, I can only hope another opportunity will arise.

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