April 16, 2019

Wood Frog on a Log

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April 16, 2019
Wood Frog on a Log

Species: Wood Frog | Location: Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, Kleinfeltersville, PA. , United States of America

This wood frog traveled down a hill to a large puddle alongside a dirt road at Middle Creek WMA. Even though it's a large puddle, it is fed by two small streams so it stays full for most of the year. In this large puddle, there can be 30 or more frogs. Their sound is unique and you can hear them when you drive by. They are there for one to three days doing their thing. They are an amazing animal and fun to watch. Especially when a bunch of them are jumping down the hill.

About The Photographer

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I have done photography for 40 years, off and on. I never really combined my love of nature and my love of photography until a number of years ago. The last 6 years I got more serious about it and have become addicted to bird photography. But I love all nature and will attempt to take a picture of anything I come across. I became disabled 12 years ago and photography helped me to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop looking at all I can not do, and go do what I still can do. Living on disability makes travel and buying equipment hard to do. But I am blessed beyond my means with the equipment I have, thanks to some very generous people.

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