October 26, 2018

Sun Salutation

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October 26, 2018
Sun Salutation

Species: Zalophus californianus/California sea lion | Location: La Jolla, California, United States of America

I often observe and photograph a colony of California sea lions in La Jolla. When on land, sea lions spend a lot of time napping and enjoying the warmth of the sun. The 'sun salutation' position that this mature male sea lion is displaying is very common, and although I have many similar images, most sea lions are a light-to-dark brown. I liked the almost-black color of this male with the beautiful azure color of the ocean in the background.

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About The Photographer

Lisa is invariably captivated by all the details worthy of special attention within the big picture, and she likes to frame them in nature and wildlife portraits. She looks for unique combinations of colors, shapes, and textures, and is alert to the little things, or the little parts of big things; the things that we all miss until we take a closer look. From figurative to abstract, she’s most inspired by the endless innovations seen in nature’s creations. Fur, feathers, or fronds, she finds great purpose in bearing witness to the form and function of life’s little parts and pieces.

Lisa Marun was born in Los Angeles and called many places in South America, Mexico, California, and Florida home as she was growing up. She received her BA from UCLA and her MS from the London School of Economics. Lisa now lives, works, and plays in San Diego, California. When she’s not holding a camera, she is likely doing yoga, walking dogs, doing environmental law research, editing copy, or running ranunculus breeding research trials.

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