April 3, 2016

Wood Duck Parfait

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April 3, 2016
Wood Duck Parfait

Species: Wood Duck | Location: Sterne Pond, Littleton, CO, USA, USA

Sterne Pond is always a very popular place to be in the fall. It is an intimate environment where the pond is surrounded by beautiful Cottonwood trees and others that impart vibrant colors that are reflected on the water. The wood duck is a prized duck to photograph with its stunning colors. The challenge lies in complementing the colors of the bird with the reflections rather than letting them distract.

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About The Photographer

I guess I've always been "artsy" to some degree. Early on in life I was primarily involved in pottery and painting. I was blessed enough to have won several awards in these categories over a short time. But, that was yesteryear. Career aspirations took precedence over the arts until recent years when I picked up a beginners camera and started shooting away. I found that my love of nature and hiking became the inspiration for capturing images along the way. Now, I'm more excited than ever to be enjoying these passions, not only recreationally, but in a philanthropic way as well.

I am not a graduate of any art school. I have taken classes in the arts, but, I am largely self-taught. If I'm not seeing what I want in my images, I learn how to fix it. Photography is a very subjective art. What I find fascinating may make the next person feel totally indifferent. Keeping that in mind leads me to focus on learning as much as I can about wildlife behavior as well as nature in general. I offer my images in the passionate hope that wildlife and nature, in all its' forms, will be an enduring source of fascination, understanding and respect for my viewers. Beauty exists right outside your door. I love trying to show what is interesting, beautiful, and unique about all of it.

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