February 13, 2018

Wapiti Lake Pack

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February 13, 2018
Wapiti Lake Pack

Species: Wolf | Location: Yellowstone National Park, United States of America

Heading into YNP on an early morning Bombardier run with fresh snow and fresh wolf tracks. This morning the Wapiti Lake pack was hunting its namesake bull elk (wapiti). At first it was just a glimpse of a ghost standing in the road and then breaking for cover, and finally two more, and soon it was 16 wolves howling back and forth. At last the pack came out of the dense woods and walked along the Madison River — 10 total with 6 more on our side of the river dancing in and out of the trees. What a treat to see the white alpha leading the way. Soon they were up on the hillside and had the bulls completely surrounded. It seemed imminent that a chase would happen. The wolves tried everything short of an enmasse frontal assault, but the elk held their ground seeming to know if they ran it would all be over. After two hours the wolves tired and retreated back into the trees and eventually moved off looking for other prey.

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Together with my wife we make up Howell Nature Photography growing our passion for nature and photography into a small business. I have been bitten hard by the Africa bug, but when I am not able to make it to Africa I head for the "Serengeti of the United States"...Yellowstone National Park.

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