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great blue heron, great blue heron photos, great blue heron nesting, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Flight Spotlight

An early morning sunrise spotlights the flying form of a great...
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Grizzly Eating Fish

This bear was eating a salmon below Brooks Falls in Alaska....
yellow headed blackbird, blackbird, yellow headed blackbird photos, birding in Montana, Montana wildlife, Bozeman wildlife

Yellow Headed Blackbird

A yellow headed blackbird sings in a swamp in Bozeman. Visit...
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Backyard Eye Candy

A female black-chinned hummingbird getting nectar from the backyard garden. She...
black faced langur monkey, black faced langur monkey photo, baby monkey, monkey photos, India wildlife, India wildlife photos, langur monkeys in India, Rajasthan

These Two are Really Friendly

I am definitely in love with those black faced langurs in...
moose, baby moose, moose photos, baby moose photos, Grand Teton National Park, Grand Teton photos, Grand Teton National Park wildlife, moose in Grand Teton National Park

Mom! Where are You?

A baby moose temporarily lost sight of his mom in Grand...
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Cat Toy

A group of six siblings wandered across open range to a...
mountain gorilla, mountain gorilla photos, Volcanoes National Park, gorillas in Volcanoes Natioinal Park, Rwanda mountain gorillas, Rwanda wildlife, Volcanoes National Park wildlife, Virunga Mountain, Virunga mountain gorillas

Resting After Breakfast

This female mountain gorilla was having a morning rest. Off to...
brown bear, grizzly bear, brown bear photos, grizzly bear images, grizzly fishing, Katmai National Park, Katmai National Park wildlife, united states wildlife photos, Alaska wildlife, Alaska bears, Alaska photos

Standing Brown Bear

Taken while wading the Brooks River in Katmai National Park....
marmot, marmot photos, Grand Teton National Park, Grand Teton wildlife, marmots in Grand Teton, Wyoming wildlife, national parks, national parks photos, national parks wildlife


Marmots posing in the sun in Grand Teton National Park. Visit...
great horned owl, great horned owl photos, Pennsylvania wildlife, Pennsylvania birds, Epherta Park, baby owls, baby great horned owl

Sibling Love

Immature great horned owls in a tree nest. Visit William's photography...
california condor, california condor photos, Big Sur, Big Sur photos, Big Sur wildlife, California wildlife, California birds, birding in California, California bird photos, northern California birds

Spread My Wings

California condors are clawing their way back from the brink of...
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The Higher Branches Taste Better

On a walking safari in Zimbabwe we got very close to...
penguins, gentoo penguin, gentoo penguin photos, penguin photos, penguin images, antarctica wildlife, penguins in antarctica

Eye Contact

Two penguins, one on the nest, one ready to go foraging,...
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Brotherly Love in the Wilderness

This image is of two juvenile male lions that were part...
moose, bull moose, moose photos, bull moose photos, Glacier National Park, Glacier National Park wildlife, moose in Glacier National Park, Glacier National Park photos, Swiftcurrent Lake, Swiftcurrent Lake photos, Switfcurrent Lake wildlife

Bull Moose at Swiftcurrent Lake

In Glacier National Park, we had the amazing opportunity to watch...
Galapagos fur seal, Galapagos fur seal photos, Galapagos islands, Galapagos Islands wildlife, seals on the Galapagos islands, Santiago Island, Santiago Island wildlife

Open Wide and Say Ahh

This photo was taken on a Natural Habitat tour of the...
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I'm a Head-Turner

This baboon was out in the early hours on one of...
great blue heron, great blue heron photos, great blue heron nesting, birds in Colorado, birds in the US

Nest-Building Great Blue Herons

A male great blue heron just landed in the nest that...
hummingbird, humming bird images, humming bird photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, american hummingbirds, Nevada birds, Nevada wildlife, Las Vegas wildlife, Las Vegas birds

Female Protecting Her Territory

One of our many visitors... they spend the summer here in...
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