the title slide of a white balance video tutorial

Video Tutorial – White Balance Comparisons

White balance is really quite an untapped resource. It’s easy to set your camera to AWB, Auto White Balance, but you may be missing out on lots of creative control. And as you know, auto settings can be risky, and letting your camera make too many decision for you can result in only average photos.

Check out the video below to get a visual and verbal explanation of why and how HERE white balance is important, and follow up by reading an article I’ve written on the matter.

The beauty about modern-day digital photography is that you can have a field day with post processing.  And the same certainly goes for adjusting white balance. Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to go back to some of your old RAW images and experiment with a little recoloring based on white balance settings.

As with all things, practice makes a lot of difference.  So, whether you join a specialized U.S. National Park Photo Tour to get nifty desert and mountain scenes, or simply spend some time in your own back yard, a little time goes a long way.

Happy photographing, friends!

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