a photographer captures a photo of a rhino at close range while on foot in mosi oa tunya national park in Zambia

Perhaps my Most Valuable Camera Accessory

I recently did a live presentation for our Daily Dose of Nature series with Natural Habitat Adventures on all things camera gear and accessories. If you like gear (and I know many of you do!) it’s worth the listen. Check it out at the link below!

An Overview of Photography Gear and Accessories

However, if you want just my #1 accessory I virtually never leave home without (camera-wise) you may be surprised to learn that it’s a dry bag.  That’s right, what I regard to be my most valuable accessory in my kit is something entirely designed to protect my camera.

What’s so great about these lightweight dry bags?  Not only are they great protection against a sudden rain shower in the tropics (they’re 100% waterproof), but they work really well against salt spray in the Galapagos and other marine-based adventures, too.  In addition, they work splendidly on photo trips to Africa and India to protect against the sometimes dusty conditions.

a set of dry bags of all sizes

As you see from the above, these come in a number of sizes.  Personally, I’ve always found the 8 liter lightweight dry bag to be the most versatile and best for cameras.  This goes for whether you have a larger camera and telephoto lens like me, or even a smaller point and shoot.  It’s the “one size fits all” bag for any adventure.

So there you have it–my most treasured camera accessory. If you find yourself in far flung corners of the world, where weather can be unpredictable, pick yourself up one of these beauties and keep the rest of your gear safe and protected so you can shoot another day.


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