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2017 Wildlife Photo Contest

Barbary Macaque , Gibraltar Nature Reserve, Upper Rock, Gibraltar
Into the Eyes of Our Cousin

Species: Barbary Macaque | Location: Gibraltar Nature Reserve, Upper Rock, Gibraltar

A very curious and brave macaque stares straight into the eyes of humans as they approach his tree to take pictures.

About The Photographer

I started taking pictures since I was four years old and have only developed a bigger love for photography every time it helps me connect to Nature in a new way. Photography makes me feel closer to Nature and helps me capture the magic of a single moment, so I can share with others what I see when I look out into our world. I meditate on the beauty of what’s out there and relive the experiences at a much slower pace afterwards by editing. I take pictures because I love my subjects, animals and plants mostly, and because I cherish photography itself. I enjoy every aspect of it and I believe that love, translates into all of my images. The simple act of looking at our planet through the camera lens, finding new perspective and shooting makes me happy. Every person is unique, and it is that uniqueness, in the way I relate to my environment and the magic that I’m expecting to find in it what sets my photos apart. As an Inspirational photographer, I shoot every and any time I feel the call to capture something alluring. I never leave home without my camera because it is though it, that I am able to remember the scenes, situations, people and animals I treasure. My biggest hope for my photography is to touch someone, to provide some sort of healing to at least one soul and to show the beauty I experience everyday.
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