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2017 Wildlife Photo Contest

Timber wolf (Canis lupus), Colorado, United States of America

Species: Timber wolf (Canis lupus) | Location: Colorado, United States of America

This black timber wolf (Canis lupus) was rescued and brought to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center, an animal sanctuary. While these animals can't be released back into the "wild" on account of their extreme habituation to humans, they have wonderful lives in communion with other rescued wolves. I had the honor of spending time with and photographing six wolves there. Their sociable and intelligent natures were a reminder of the shared past they have with our beloved "man's best friend". This particular individual, with his alert gaze and athletic stance, seemed to epitomize the very essence of a "wolf".

About The Photographer

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As the human population grows at the expense of invaluable habitats and species, there's an ever-growing need for conservation and awareness. My company, TerraLens Photography LLC, inspires awe of our planet's inherent beauty and encourages the responsible treatment of nature by drawing attention to wildlife conservation issues through photography and photojournalism. Humans share an underlying connection with all living things on the entire planet, but we often forget about it. My photography and essays explore diverse conservation topics to find the moments where our separation from nature dissolves and we see our place in the universe correctly. I believe that when this happens, we're more likely to treat ourselves, others, and the planet with greater care and respect.
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