Marine Life

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King Penguin Arguing with Fur Seal

These two look like they are having a talk....
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Antarctica's Snow Cat

Weddell seals' smiling faces, along with their habit of lounging around on...
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Sun Salutation

I often observe and photograph a colony of California sea lions...
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While on a workshop with Nature & Underwater Photographer Darren Jew...
sea lion, sea lion photos, sea lion images, sea lions in California, California wildlife, La Jolla

The Pack

A group of California sea lions socializing in La Jolla, California....
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Breaching Humpback Whale

A humpback whale breaching in Southeast Alaska about 25 miles from...
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Sally Lightfoot Crab Eats a Snack

The Sally Lightfoot crab, having reached full adulthood, is an extremely...
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Giant Leap

This transient orca has been feeding in the Comox Bay on...
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Curious River Otter

A North American river otter, watches curiously as I began my...
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Humpback Breach

One of the first humpback whales to be seen in Bona...
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A Smokey Morning & a Harbor Seal

A curious harbor seal, makes eye contact with me while I...
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Aren’t You Glad I Am an Herbivore?

Marine iguana on rock in Galápagos Islands....
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Elephant Seal Debates Sunrise Swim

Arriving at Drake's Bay in Point Reyes National Seashore to photograph...
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A Good Nap After a Big Lunch

This sea otter was eating lunch, then promptly decided to take...
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Sea Lion Family

I caught this group of sea lions at La Jolla Cove...
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Eye Contact

Taken on a lava cover coastline while on a Nat Hab...
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Honey, I'm Home

A chinstrap penguin rookery in Antarctica....
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Perfect 10 in Pike Position

I was on an expedition to Patagonia and up the South...
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Humpback Whale Jumping on Vitória's Coast

The humpback whale population has been growing at about 10% per...
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Sleeping Otter

Little otter covering his eyes while he sleeps in the Seward...
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