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Soaking in the Hot Spring

We arrived early to our hotel and headed out to the monkey...
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Baboon Teasing and Fighting

This photo was taken near the Cape of Good Hope in...
japanese snow monkey, japanese snow monkey photos, Japan wildlife, Japan primates, Jigokudani Monkey Park

Smile (or not)

We had arrived at the monkey park early in the morning....
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I was on a walk looking for chimpanzees in Uganda. We...
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The Thinker

Taken on a trek in Uganda with Nat Hab. This is...
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This is a baby olive baboon in Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania....
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How to Open a Bean Pod

A mother Bornean orangutan carefully instructs her baby to open and...
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Monkey Model Shot

This was taken in the Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali. It was...
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Breakfast with Mom & Baby

This mother and baby were a part of a family of...
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Moms Get Together

A couple of baboons in Botswana get together with their babies...
orangutan, orangutan photos, Borneo wildlife, Borneo orangutan, Borneo wildlife photos, sarawak, semengoh

Orangutan in Borneo

While hiking along a river in Borneo, I was lucky enough...
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These Two are Really Friendly

I am definitely in love with those black faced langurs in...
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Resting After Breakfast

This female mountain gorilla was having a morning rest. Off to...
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I'm a Head-Turner

This baboon was out in the early hours on one of...
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The Thinker

baboon, baboon photos, baboon in Tanzania, Tanzania wildlife, Tanzania wildlife photos, africa safari photos, africa safari, Tanzania safari, Tanzania safari photos, Lake Manyara National Park, Lake Manyara National Park wildlife photos


This female baboon in Tanzania appeared to be babysitting several baby...
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A Mother's Love

India's Ranthambore National Park is home to many langurs, members of...
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Lunch Break

This picture was taken on a boat trip along the Kinabatangan...
squirrel monkey, squirrel monkey photos, Costa Rica photo, Costa Rica wildlife, Costa Rica monkeys, Tiskita Lodge


This picture was taken on a Natural Habitat tour of Costa...
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Cheeky Monkey

This little guy was so UN-shy! He climbed right up into our...
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