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Cheetah on the Prowl

Ahh... The energetic and streamlined cheetah has to be one of...
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Logan Pass Bighorn

We had seen four bighorn sheep just three days earlier at...
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Making Faces

We were driving from Guanacaste to Manual Antonio in Costa Rica...
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Kudos to the Kudu

This glorious kudu was photographed in the Linyanti region of Botswana. With...
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Morning Visitor

We were heading out on our early morning game drive in...
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Afternoon Stroll

While on the tundra, we saw this female polar bear who was...
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Loving Light

This photo was taken at Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary in India during a morning trek....
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A baby baboon grooming its mother in Tanzania. View Steve's website...
gull, gull photos, Canada wildlife, Canada birds, Canada wildlife photos, British Columbia wildlife, British Columbia wildlife photos, British Columbia birds

Running on Water

This is about the reflection in the water. I loved the...
greater prairie chicken, greater prairie chicken photos, Nebraska wildlife, Nebraska birds, United States wildlife, United States birds

Marching in Dew

After watching greater prairie chickens do their spring mating dance on...
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Mother's Love

This tigress, named Queen of Lakes or Krishna, in Ranthambore National...
dolphin, dolphin photos, bottlenose, bottlenose dolphin, Tristan da Cunha, Tristan da Cunha wildlife, Atlantic Ocean wildlife, marine life

Out of the Water

Our ship was traveling between Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena...
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Laughing Zebras

While on safari in Tanzania, we stopped to watch a herd of...
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Desert Spiny Lizard

A slightly battered female desert spiny lizard takes a rest from...
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Stalking Fox

We were on a snowshoe trip to Vagabond Ranch, outside Winter...
humpback whale, humpback whale photos, humpback whales in Alaska, Alaska wildlife, Alaska marine life, Alaska wildlife photos

Observing a Whale at Play

This photo was taken on a whale watching cruise in Juneau,...
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Great Gray Owl in Flight

This owl had spent the last few days hunting the wet...
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We Must All Learn to Live in Perfect Harmony

This beautiful setting is in the Linyanti region of Botswana. What...
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Testing the Water...

I was shooting birds in early light at the Everglades National...
giant panda, giant panda photos, panda photos, pandas in China, wild pandas, Dujiangyan Panda Base, Chengdu

High Fives

Two juvenile pandas frolic at the Dujiangyan Panda Base near Chengdu,...
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