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Thirsty Work!

Watching a pride of lions have afternoon tea; (buffalo) is thirsty work....
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Just Hanging Around

We had a large population of fruit bats take up residence...
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Reddish Egret on the Hunt

This is a capture of a Reddish Egret (White Morph) exhibiting...
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How Do You Do?

This curious sub adult male polar bear was quite taken with our...
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Beady Eyes

We were on a trip to the Ross Sea in Antarctica....
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Red Chest

Genovesa is a great place to take photos of birds, especially...
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Mother bear brings her cubs for a lakeside evening promenade. On no-man's...
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Whale Tail

While out with a group on a Nat Hab trip to...
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Royal Baby Feeding

I was on a trip to the New Zealand sub-Antarctic Islands...
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On the Search

I was on a trip to Mongolia, and we stopped at...
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Say Cheese

While driving at Banff National Park, Canada, we saw this cute...
Wolves, wolf pack, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone National Park wildlife, wolf images, wolf photos, Yellowstone images, Yellowstone wildlife images

The Pack

While exploring Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons, we stopped at...
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Bombs Away

I was watching a group of kelp gulls looking for food...
Polar bear, Churchill, Canada, Canada wildlife, polar bear images, polar bear pictures, Churchill images

Polar Bear Day

All week, WWF has been celebrating Polar Bear Week, raising awareness...
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Playful Elephants at Waterhole

Up to 200 elephants would come to this waterhole at dusk...
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How Many Toes?

Vervet monkeys were playing around in the trees all around the...
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We spotted a leopard seal sunning himself on the shore in...
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Leopard vs. Hyena

On the last morning in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, before...
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Trying to be Patient

In the town of Churchill, Canada I discovered this red fox...
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Three Lion Cubs

What's cuter than two lion cubs? Why, three, of course! Taken...
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