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Top of the Falls

Brooks Falls, Alaska during the summer salmon runs is like no other...
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This is My Best Side

Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world. I saw many...
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Gentle Gaze

I was lucky enough to get to see these highly endangered...
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Sunset Flyer

Sandhill crane at sunset on his way to roost in a...
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Let's Cross!

Although I had been to Africa several times, I had never...
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I bet I can outrun you!...
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The day was cold, windy and snowy in South Georgia. We...
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Big Horn Sheep

Hiking in the Mont Rae Range in Kananaskis Park in Alberta, I came...
Anhinga, Anhinga photos, Anhinga in Florida, Anhinga chicks, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Waiting for Lunch

These two baby anhinga chicks eagerly await their next meal, which...
Polar bear, Churchill, Canada, Canada wildlife, polar bear images, polar bear photos, Churchill images

Start of a Spar

While on a trip with Nat Hab in Churchill, we saw...
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My Dad is Mad at Me

We found a pride of 15 lions in the central Serengeti....
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Beautiful Bee Eater

I think we finally concluded this was a swallow tailed bee...
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Wheels Down

Snow goose landing in a field of corn in Bosque Del...
woodchucks, baby woodchucks, photos of woodchucks, Maryland wildlife, US wildlife

Hungry Baby Woodchucks

A female woodchuck made a burrow under our garage where she...
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hyenas get bad press, however mostly they are really beautiful. The Good:...
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A Well Deserved Nap

We observed this leopard napping as it repeatedly shifted its position,...
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Taking a Rest

I found this beautiful female ruby-throated hummingbird taking a rest on...
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Up a Tree

While on a trip to China with Nat Hab, we had...
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On safari in the Serengeti National Park, I waited to capture...
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Just Posing for the Photographer

While walking along Ogden Point in Victoria I was photographing flowers...
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