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Little Bee Eater with Bee

While on safari in Botswana with Nat Hab, I spotted this little...
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The Cliff Climber

The typical Ranthambore cliff this gives the idea what height the...
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Looking Out

With two babies in the den, a mother badger scopes out...
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Monkey Sneer

On a trip to Costa Rica, I saw this female howler...
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Proud Bison

This was the last bison we came across leaving the park....
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Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal

This monk seal is one of the less than 1300 left...
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Afternoon Nap

While on a trip to see grizzlies with Nat Hab, we...
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Lion Cub in the Grass

This young cub was learning about life in the Serengeti. He...
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Gray Whale Calf

We were so excited to see so many gray whales in...
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Polar Bear at Rest

This polar bear, spotted on a trip to Churchill with Nat...
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A Glance Over the Shoulder

A mother leopard and young cub rest on tree branch in Little...
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Eating the Hosta

Caught this little guy eating on one of my Hosta plants....
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Jumping for Joy

A happy penguin jumping out of the waters of Antarctica....
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Off to the Races

We were on our morning game drive and were heading back...
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Little Sun Beauty

On my first visit to Table Mountain National Park in South...
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The Queen of Ranthambore

After a two-day absence, the Queen of Ranthambore forests appears and...
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What a "Fungi"

This beautiful red squirrel was photographed at Katmai National Park.  We...
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A Flower and Weed

A young snapping turtle passing between marshes on a cool spring...
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Curious Cub

This week was Bear Awareness Week! On Nat Hab's trips to Alaska,...
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Bat-Eared Fox

While adorable looking, the bat-eared fox are actually quite the predator....
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