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Kea on a Rock

This magnificent kea was hanging out in a parking lot. Evidently...
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During a wonderful trip to Yellowstone, we stopped at West Yellowstone...
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Teeth & Testosterone

I was watching two lions mate, when another male appeared. The...
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Barred Owl on Stump

I took this photo of a barred owl in Dorchester County,...
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Waking Up

This photo was taken one morning on boat trip down river...
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Thirsty Zebras

We were watching a waterhole in Etosha National Park when a...
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Portrait of an American Kestrel

This photo was taken on a day hike. I came up...
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Golden Glow

As the sun was slowly setting in Hwange National Park, a...
blue footed boobie, blue footed boobie photos, Mexico wildlife, Mexico birds, Loreto Bay National Park

Line Up!

During a trip to Loreto, Mexico for blue whale watching, we...
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Bad Hair Day

Mrs. Ostrich having a bad hair day at the Nairobi National Park....
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Best Buds

These cubs were photographed in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Visit Steve's...
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The Charge

This image was taken in Kenya during the annual migration....
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Off To The Races

This image capture is of a white rhinoceros, also known as...
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Out for a Walk

We were in Manuel Antonio park and were heading back to...
monarch butterfly, monarch butterfly photos, Mexico wildlife, monarchs in Mexico, El Rosario wildlife, monarch migration

Gentle Landing

This photo was taken in El Rosario, a monarch sanctuary in...
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Told You I Could Beat You to the Top

This image is of 9-11 week-old cheetah cubs learning and playing. We...
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King of the Mountain: Kids at Play

These young mountain goat kids climbed up on the boulder and...
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Close Encounter

We were in open jeeps in Chobe National Park, Botswana. An...
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Described by some Native American cultures as leading spirits to the...
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I'm Next

It was great fun watching the interaction of this young lion...
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