Reptiles & Amphibians

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Ferocious Green

Green vine snakes from western ghats of India seem to be...
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A Snake in the Grass

The green season grass is high in the Central Kalahari and...
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Hello World!

The photo was taken in Rushikulya this year April when I...
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Hi There!

The personality of this little frog shines through as he pops...
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Balancing Frog

I was walking near a pond in the evening. I kept...
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Almost Got You

The wildebeest was caught by the crocodile by the rear right...
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I'm Bigger Than You Are

We were on an early morning game drive and light was...
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The Thinker

A marine iguana rests on a lava rock in the Galapagos...
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Marine iguanas basking in the sun in the Galapagos Islands....
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The Rattlesnake's Road

For herpetologists searching for snakes, there are few better methods than...
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A Throne of Petals

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Indian Chameleon

An Indian chameleon was basking on some dry twigs, with the...
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Good Meal

This photo taken on river trip in the Pantanal, Brazil. I...
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Green is My Favorite Color

Riding down the slow moving river in Costa Rica, we saw...
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A Green Branch

Visiting a village in Laos, on the border with Thailand, on...
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Cottonmouth and Visiting Lubber

A lubber was approaching a resting cottonmouth, as it started to...
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Stay Away

During a river boat trip in Brazil, we came across this...
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For Dear Life

Blanchard's cricket frog is heard more often than seen. Cattails make...
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Watching You

While hiking in the desert on the outskirts of Las Cruces,...
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Eden's Serpent

A green racer investigates a photographer lurking in the creek while...
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