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Posing Cheetahs

These cheetahs were the very first animals we came across at...
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One week into our Nat Hab trip, The Wild Side of...
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Irresistible Lion Cub

My friend and I were on a safari in Botswana when...
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While on safari in Botswana with Natural Habitat Adventures, awe came...
Alaskan Brown Bears, Katmai National Park, USA

Mom & Cub Out For a Stroll

A mom and cub strolling the meadows in Katmai National Park....
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Little One

We were on our morning game drive in Kenya and had...
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Bengali Tiger Emerging From Jungle

While in Kanha National Park on a Natural Habitat journey with...
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Leopard on a Lazy African Afternoon

This leopard was taking a break from both heat and hunting...
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In Trouble?

We were on safari in Tanzania and on our morning game...
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Scar Face

This bear is an old male, evidenced by the numerous scars...
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Zebra Buttocks

Two zebras showed us their buttocks as we drove by them...
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Grizzly Play

Two grizzly bear cubs at play while taking a break from...
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Rocky Mountain Love

These two Rocky Mountain goats are in love - according to...
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Sisterly Secrets

We spent a long while watching these two polar bears playing,...
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The Supreme Court

This is a photo I took after climbing up the mountain...
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Hug Me

A week-old Cheetah cub in Kenya comes to her mother to give...
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I captured this image of a young Roe deer, only one day old,...
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Best Buck

A very intimate moment for me as this handsome buck walked...
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Baby Mountain Gorilla Exploring

After a trek through the dense forest in Uganda, we found a...
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Tri-Neck Giraffes

Three giraffes in Kenya try to show who is boss. Visit...
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