Langur, Langurs, Sri LAnka, Photos of Langurs, Langur Images, Purple Faced Langur, Purple Faced Langurs

Closer Look

This purple-faced Langur was in a group we saw in the...
Elephants, Elephant, Kenya, Masai Mara, Africa Elephants, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos

The Fight of the Giants

I love elephants because they are so clever and elegant. In...
Polar Bears, Polar Bear, Nunavut, Photos of Bears, Polar Bear Images

Get Ready, Get Set...Go!

As the polar bear prepared to jump, we stood on the...
Beaver, Beavers, British Columbia, Photos of Beavers Eating, Beaver Images,

Beaver Having Lunch

My wife and I were returning from a late summer trip...
Brooks Falls, Katmai, Brown Bears, Grizzly, Photos of Brown Bears and Salmon, Brooks Falls Images, Bears, Alaska

The Food Chain

Brooks Falls with the iconic brown bear and salmon action. The...
Bears, Brown Bears, Grizzlies, Grizzly Sow And Cub, Grizzly Bears, Alaska, Alaskan Bears, Images of Brown Bears, Grizzly Bear Photos,

Hangin With Mom

The cub had climbed onto mom (Sow 402) after coming out...
Seal, Seals, Leopard Seals, Leopard Seal, Antarctica, Images of Seals, Leopard Seal Photos,

Looking Up in the World

Our group was zodiac cruising in the Yarlour Islands, Antarctica, looking...
Elephants, Elephant Herd, Kenya, East African Elephants, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos

Going Home

In the evening, in the amazing Amboseli park, the convey of...
Grizzly Bear, Grizzly Bears,  Images of Grizzlies, Yellowstone Grizzly Bears, Photos of Brown Bears, Grizzly Bear Photos

Yellowstone Grizzly

Yellowstone grizzly surveying the territory. Check out Gary's website for more...
Chile, Patagonia, Cats of Chile, Images of Pumas. Puma, Pumas, Puma Photos

Patagonian Puma

I captured this image late one afternoon while staying at a...
Bighorn, Bighorn Sheep, Montana, Images of Bighorn Sheep, Bighorn Sheep Photos

In the Eyes of a Bighorn

Driving on a dirt road near Gardiner, Montana, I came across...
Guanaco, Guanacos, Chile, Sunrise in Chile, Images of Guanaco's, Guanaco Photos

Guanaco at Sunrise

I captured this image early one morning in Southern Patagonia outside...
Alaska, Brown Bears, Alaska Bears, Grizzly Bears, Photos of Brown Bears, Alaska Bear Images,

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear, Clamming

Alaskan coastal brown bear looking for clams. Check out Gary's website...
Leopards, Leopard, Kenya, African Cats, Images of Leopards, Kenya Leopard Photos, Leopard in a Tree, East African Leopards


On our early morning drive, our guide/driver (Godfrey) heard monkey calls....
Antarctica, Orca, Orcas, Photos of Orcas, Orca Whale Images, Antarctica Whales

Orca Rising

We were in Antarctica and saw a group of Orcas trying...
Elephants, Kenya, Photos of Elephants Kenya Elephants, Images of Elephants in Kenya, Elephant

Elephant Ruckus

I believe what we are seeing is a coming of age...
Whales, Whale, Spyhopping Whales, Photos of Whales in Antarctica, Whale Images, Antarctica Whales


We were zodiac cruising in Charlotte Bay, Antarctica, looking for whales....
Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, Elephant Seals, Antarctica Wildlife, Seals, Images of Seals and Penguins, Gentoo Penguin Photos

Elephant Seals & Gentoo

As I was watching a Gentoo walk along a beach on...
Penguins, Antarctica, Penguin, Images of Penguins in Antarctica, Penguin Photos

California Dreaming

Antarctica penguin staring into the ice. Mountaineering through Antarctica in January 2019....
California, Sea Otter, Sea Otters, Sea Otter Mom and Pup,  Photos of Sea Otter and Pup, Sea Otter Images

Sea Otter Mom and Pup

I found a raft of sea otters close to shore and...
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