2017 Wildlife Photo Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 Wildlife Photo Contest!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 Wildlife Photo Contest! These talented nature photographers traveled far and wide to capture intimate portraits of the world’s most captivating wild animals in their natural habitats.

This year we received more than 3,000 submissions, and the results are truly impressive. With so many amazing entries, our team of expert photography judges had a difficult time choosing their favorites!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the People’s Choice Awards—we know it was tough to choose just one photo per day! Your votes helped make the 2017 Wildlife Photo Contest a huge success!

Enjoy browsing through the winners below, and then take a few minutes to peruse the entire portfolio of remarkable entries here. Snapped in exotic destinations all around the world, these stunning wildlife photos are sure to stoke your awe and inspire you to start planning your next nature adventure!

2017 Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

Experts’ Choice Grand Prize Winner
Beauty and the Wildebeest — Kim Griffin

Beauty and the WildebeestSpecies: Lion and Wildebeest | Location: Mara River, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Experts’ Choice Honorable Mention—Overall Impression
Spring Cub Antics — Peter Derrington

Spring Cub AnticsSpecies: Coastal Brown Bear | Location: Lake Clark NP, Alaska, United States

Experts’ Choice Honorable Mention—Originality
Fade to Black — Curt Howell

Fade to BlackSpecies: Southern White Rhino | Location: Madikwe, South Africa
Check out Curt ’s photography website: www.howellnaturephotography.com
Follow Curt on Instagram: @howellnaturephotography

Experts’ Choice Honorable Mention—Superior Composition
Encircled — Jason Sintek

EncircledSpecies: Big Eye Jacks (Trevally) | Location: Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park , Mexico
Check out Jason’s photography website: jasonsintek.com
Follow Jason on Instagram: @jasonsintek

Experts’ Choice Honorable Mention—Artistic Excellence
I Would Walk 100 Miles — Kathleen Ricker

I Would Walk 100 Miles...Species: African Elephant | Location: Amboseli , Kenya
Check out Kathleen’s photography website: www.loveandadventurephoto.com
Follow Kathleen on Instagram: @loveandadventurephoto

Experts’ Choice Honorable Mention—Technical Distinction
Orca Rising — Richard Davidson

Orca RisingSpecies: Orca | Location: Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico, Mexico
Check out Richard’s photography website: www.RichardSDavidson.Photoshelter.com

People’s Choice Grand Prize Winner
Close-Up of Elephant’s Feet — Dave Taube

Close-Up of Elephant FeetSpecies: Elephant | Location: Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

People’s Choice Honorable Mention
Peek-a-Boo — Michelle Schreder

Peek-a-BooSpecies: Long-eared Owl | Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

People’s Choice Honorable Mention
Powerful Polar Bear — Lisa LaBau

Powerful Polar BearSpecies: Polar Bear | Location: Churchill, Canada

People’s Choice Honorable Mention
Lion King — June Lew

Lion KingSpecies: Lion | Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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