a beautiful green katydid perching on a red leaf to symbolize teh change in seasons

Winner of our October Photo Challenge – “Change of Seasons”

After a little pause in our Photo Challenges, we’re back at it, and so are you!  Congrats to all the amazing entries – such great shots of Changing Seasons across the board.  We had some terrific wildlife photos, landscape photos, and of course lots of exquisite foliage!

The winner of this Changing Seasons photo challenge is Sujata Roy with a very intriguing image of a bright green Katydid posing on a plant with quintessential fall red leaves. In some ways, this is an atypical “Fall Season” photo, but I must say it captures the allure of “Changing Seasons” so well!

a beautiful green katydid perching on a red leaf to symbolize teh change in seasons

Green n Red Leaf, Sujata Roy. f/5.6, 1/500th of a second, ISO 100

To say it again, this is definitely an unconventional fall photograph, but increasingly more in the world of photography we must think outside the box.  Whether we’re photographing simply to capture the memories of a trip, collecting photos to show to friends and family, or shooting professionally for a stock photo company or selling your own prints, differentiation is key.

“increasingly more in the world of photography we must think outside the box”


A big part of this in the above photo is the technique.  Nice choice of settings.

  • the low ISO gives it extraordinary detail with zero noise. Something really nice when you’re showcasing exquisite detail, as grain and noise quickly detract from that
  • shooting at 1/500th of second is also a nice choice. In some cases we don’t have the ability to shoot that fast, especially in low light conditions.  However, the use of flash here allows it, and nice job for it!
  • And last, shooting at f/5.6 is a good choice, as you can see there is a little interference and competition for space in the photo, with what seems to be another branch or leaf in the lower left part of the frame. The low f-stop allows this to be blurred, minimizing any distraction it could have caused.

However, the BIGGEST part of differentiation is the vision…the brain…the creativity in this shot.

“To me, the change of seasons is all about color, change, and contrast”

To me, the change of seasons is all about color, change, and contrast.  Even though this isn’t a big landscape shot of the Colorado Rockies or maple trees of Vermont, it hits those three things spot on.  But it’s done in a way that combines the animal world and the plant world to further press on that contrast.

It would be one thing to have a tree with bright green leaves next to one with bright red/maroon leaves.  However, to do so with also emphasizing a unique animal camouflage, designed for the other times of year when leaves are green, further portrays that seasonal color, change, and contrast.

To me, the big reason why this photo won is that it stood out so much while still hitting perfectly on the topic of the challenge – Change of Seasons. What a good lesson for photo contests in general.  Yes, you definitely have to nail the camera settings (f-stop, ISO, shutter speed) and it’s got to be in focus and look great, but as the world of photography gets more and more competitive, you’ve got to find a way to always stand out.

Couldn’t have thought of a better example – so well done, Sujata.

Once again, congrats to everyone, as there were many stunning photos.  Can’t wait to see what you all submit for the next photo challenge – stay tuned!

All the best,