a curious pine martin looks briefly at the photographer in the forest outside of cooke city

Nature, Wildlife, and Travel Photography Webinars

Greetings fellow photo friends!  Recently I had the great pleasure of presenting two photo webinars for Natural Habitat Adventures, specifically on Nature and Wildlife Photography.

Over the course of these two webinars, entitled Nature, Wildlife, and Travel Photography 101 and its uniquely named follow-up, Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photography 102, I presented on a number of topics that ANY photography can benefit from, at all levels of experience.

Combining fundamentals like keys to composition using the golden ratio, rule of thirds, and leading lines, along with more advanced teachings on how and why to go to the next level with setting your own aperture, shutter speed, and white balance, these two presentations are a great way to elevate your own photography in just an hour or two of your time.

Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photography 101

Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photography 102

I invite you to take a look at the links above, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or another favorite snack or beverage, and join me, digitally, to explore some of the core lessons of becoming a great nature photographer.

And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for Nat Hab’s upcoming webinars on all things nature and wildlife.  You’ll also see that over the next few weeks I continue my photography webinars, with one coming up Tuesday, April 14th specifically on Photography Lessons for African Safaris.

Enjoy, and be well!

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