March Photo Challenge: Together Possible

As many of you may know, I am a Photographic Expedition Leader with two world-class organizations – Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Together, these organizations are revolutionizing the world of conservation travel and sustainability.  Never have I been more proud to be part of a worldwide movement engaged in saving species, habitats, and improving the welfare of local communities that depend on a healthy mother earth (as we all do!).

This month’s photo challenge is one of inspiration.  I’ll encourage you to think outside the box and tap into all of your travel photos, including cultures and fellow adventurers, in addition to natural places and wildlife.

The theme of this challenge is inspired by WWF’s new conservation mantra: Together Possible. As WWF says, no one person or group can tackle the conservation challenges of our planet alone.  But if we work together, we can take on anything.

I also believe that the key to a thriving planet and solving many of today’s and tomorrow’s ecological threats is to go forward together.  While I don’t want to guide you too much in the photos you select, think about this in a way that shows collaboration in nature, whether it’s plants, animals, or people, all uniting for a common purpose…a common good.


As background, for each challenge we will give you a theme or a technique to work on as a guideline.  Perhaps the theme is “backyard photography” or maybe “using fast shutter speeds”.  Then, it’s up to you to get out there and show us what you’ve got!

Each time we announce our next month’s challenge, you’ll have about two weeks to submit your star photo example of the Challenge’s theme.  Once a winner is selected, they will get a featured post on The Natural Photographer, along with commentary as to why this photo was selected.  Our hope is that this will be a great learning process, using your great photos as examples of how to master various techniques.


Looking forward to seeing your entries!


We’ll accept entries until the end of the day Thursday, March 23rd at midnight, at which time we’ll begin reviewing to select the winner!

Our March Photo Challenge is now closed.