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Carmine Quartet

We were fortunate to find a large breeding colony of carmine...
sea lions, baby sea lion, sea lion pup, Galapagos sea lions, Galapagos wildlife, Galapagos marine life, sea lion images, sea lion photos


I was on a 17-day trip to the Galapagos. We were...
Zebra, Africa, Kenya, Kenya wildlife, zebras in Kenya, photos of zebras, zebra images, African safari, African safari images, Maasai Mara

Free Spirit

Quite oblivious to us and the wildebeest and zebra around, this...
Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone wildlife, Yellowstone wildlife images, bison, buffalo, bison images, buffalo images, Old Faithful, Old Faithful images

Out for a Morning Stroll

On a recent Natural Habitat Adventures trip to Yellowstone, our group...
Royal penguin, penguin, penguins swimming, penguin images, penguin photos, australian penguins

Penguins Can Fly

This shot was taken on a trip to the New Zealand...
grizzly bear, kodiak bear, brown bear, kodiak island, grizzly photos, brown bear photos, kodiak bear photos, alaska wildlife, alaska bears, alaska wildlife photos, alaska bear photos

Kodiak Brown Bear

I viewed this Kodiak Brown Bear while on Nat Hab's trip...
puffin, horned puffin, Fox Island, Fox Island wildlife, Fox Island wildlife photos, puffin photos, puffin images, horned puffin photos, horned puffin images

Horned Puffin

We found these Horned puffins while on a boat tour near...
Langur, black-faced langur, langur monkey, Kanha National Park, India wildlife, India monkeys, langur photos, black faced langur photos, baby langur, baby langur photos

Mother and Child

A mother and her infant rest along the road side in Kanha...
dragonfly, Botswana wildlife, Botswana insects, African insects, dragonflies in Okavango Delta, Okavango Delta, Okavango Delta wildlife, dragonlfy images, dragonfly pictures

Watchful Eyes

The watery labyrinths of Botswana’s Okavango Delta are amazing hunting grounds...
giraffe, baboon, maasi mara, kenya, kenya safari, africa safari, africa wildlife, kenya wildlife, giraffe photos, baboon photos, kenya wildlife photos

An Audience of One

This baboon sat and watched three young giraffes battling for dominance...
eastern bamboo lemur, eastern bamboo lemur photos, lemur, lemur photos, madagascar lemurs, madagascar lemur photos, africa wildife, africa wildlife photos, madagascar wildlife, madagascar wildlife photos


We were on our last day of the Madagascar trip and...
Red-Eyed Tree Frog, tree frog, Red-Eyed Tree Frog photos, tree frog photos, costa rica wildlife photos, costa rica wildlife, costa rica frogs, costa rica amphibians

The Creation of Life

While searching through the rain forests of Costa Rica we came...
Lion, lioness, lion cub, lion cub photos, lion photos,  african wildlife, tanzania wildlife, tanzania wildlife photos, africa safari photos

I Love You, Mama!

A lioness and her cubs relaxing on the Serengeti....
sea otter, sea otter photos, sea otter images, Fox Island, Fox Island wildlife, Fox Island photos, Alaska wildlife, Alaska wildlife photos

Sea Otter at Rest

A Sea Otter floating by our boat near Fox Island on...
tiger, Kanha National Park, India wildlife, tiger photos

Tired Tiger in Kanha

This photo was taken at Kanha National Park in India. This was the...
elk, Yellowstone National Park, elk photos, elk images, Yellowstone wildlife, Yellowstone wildlife photos,

Evening Bugle

Travelling through Yellowstone as the evening was drawing in we came...
Gorilla, gorilla photos, gorillas in Rwanda, african safari, african primates, rwanda wildlife, rwanda wildlife photos

What's That?

This silverback gorilla in Volcanoes National Park was looking up to see...
Comet moth, moth, moths in Madagascar, Madagascar wildlife, insects in Africa, comet moth images, comet moth photos

Patterns of the Comet Moth

One of the largest moths in the world, the Comet moth...
elephant, Botswana, swimming elephant, elephant images, elephant photos, Botswana images, Botswana photos, Botswana safari, Botswana safari photos, Chobe River, Chobe River photos

Who Knew Elephants Could Swim?

Near the beginning of our safari in Botswana, we set out...
penguins, south africa penguins, penguin photos, south africa wildlife, south africa safari

Going For a Swim

While enjoying the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach, these three...
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