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dolphin, dolphin photos, bottlenose, bottlenose dolphin, Tristan da Cunha, Tristan da Cunha wildlife, Atlantic Ocean wildlife, marine life

Out of the Water

Our ship was traveling between Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena...
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Laughing Zebras

While on safari in Tanzania, we stopped to watch a herd of...
lizard, lizard photos, lizard images, desert spiny lizard, desert spiny lizard photos, gila river indian reservation, gila river indian reservation wildlife, unites states wildlife, america wildlife

Desert Spiny Lizard

A slightly battered female desert spiny lizard takes a rest from...
red fox, red fox photos, red fox images, wildlife in the US, united states wildlife, united states wildlife photos, us wildlife photos, wildlife in colorado, foxes in colorado

Stalking Fox

We were on a snowshoe trip to Vagabond Ranch, outside Winter...
humpback whale, humpback whale photos, humpback whales in Alaska, Alaska wildlife, Alaska marine life, Alaska wildlife photos

Observing a Whale at Play

This photo was taken on a whale watching cruise in Juneau,...
owl, owl photos, great grey owl, great grey owl photos, grand teton national park wildlife, grand teton national park wildlife photos, birds in america, birds in grand teton national park, owls in grand teton national park, grand teton national park

Great Gray Owl in Flight

This owl had spent the last few days hunting the wet...
elephant, elephant photos, red lechwe, red lechwe photos, botswana wildlife, botswana wildlife photos, africa wildlife, africa wildlife photos, african safari, botswana safari, Linyanti, Linyanti wildlife, Linyanti wildlife photos

We Must All Learn to Live in Perfect Harmony

This beautiful setting is in the Linyanti region of Botswana. What...
roseate spoonbill, roseate spoonbill photos, spoonbill, spoonbill photos, birds of the everglades, everglades national park, everglades national park wildlife, everglades wildlife photos, united states wildlife, american wildlife

Testing the Water...

I was shooting birds in early light at the Everglades National...
giant panda, giant panda photos, panda photos, pandas in China, wild pandas, Dujiangyan Panda Base, Chengdu

High Fives

Two juvenile pandas frolic at the Dujiangyan Panda Base near Chengdu,...
strawberry poison dart frog, strawberry poison dart frog photos, costa rica photos, costa rica wildlife photos, poison dart frogs in costa rica, frogs in costa rica, photos of poison dart frogs in costa rica

Blue Jeans

On a trip to Costa Rica with Nat Hab, my guide...
buffalo, bison, buffalo photos, bison photos, grand teton national park, Grand Teton wildlife, Grand Teton national park photos, Grand Teton wildlife photos, american bison, american wildlife, american wildlife photos


Taken on a Hidden Yellowstone trip with Nat Hab, a majestic...
chameleon, chameleon photos, chameleons in Madagascar, Madagascar photos, Madagascar wildlife, Madagascar wildlife photos

Panther Chameleon

Whilst volunteering in Madagascar, I managed to capture an image of...
albatross, waved albatross, albatross photos, waved albatross photos, galapagos islands, galapagos photos, galapagos wildlife, galapagos wildlife photos

Waved Albatross on the Lamb...

We were on Espanola in the Galapagos, and this waved albatross...
zebra, zebra images, zebra photos, tanzania wildlife, tanzania wildlife images, tanzania wildlife photos, zebras in tanzania, african safari wildlife, tanzania safari wildlife, tanzania safari wildlife photos, serengeti national park, serengeti wildlife

Scratching a Big Itch

While on safari in Africa, we came upon a group of...
elephant, african elephant, elephant photos, african elephant photos, Botswana wildlife, Botswana wildlife photos, africa wildlife photos, africa wildlife, african safari photos, Chobe wildlife, Chobe wildlife photos, Chobe National Park

Golden Ghosts

I was wrapping up my first game drive in Botswana along...
oriental fruit fly, oriental fruit fly photos, fruit fly photos, bali wildlife, microphotography, insect photos, bali wildlife photos, bali insects

Rainbow Eyes

I was taking a stroll through the garden of our hotel...
oystercatcher, oystercatcher photos, Alaska birds, Alaska wildlife, Katmai National Park, Katmai National Park photos, Katmai wildlife


Our guide for the Kodiak to Katmai trip with Nat Hab...
giraffe, giraffe photos, giraffe images, tanzania wildlife, tanzania wildlife photos, african safari photos, giraffes in tanzania, serengeti national park, serengeti wildlife, giraffes in serengeti, serengeti wildlife photos

A Gaggle of Giraffes

These giraffes were among a group of twenty-five that were resting...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in america, America's national bird, national bird of united states

Dawn's Early Light

An American bald eagle staring off into the light of a...
lemur, lemur photos, lemur images, madagascar wildlife, madagascar lemurs, madagascar wildlife photos, madagascar lemur photos, Ranomafana National Park, Ranomafana National Park wildlife photos

Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed

This is one of the 21 species of lemurs I saw...
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