Great Gear: the Pistol Grip Tripod Head

They’re not exactly the “standard” looking tripod head, but they have some major merits that anyone shopping for a new tripod should consider.

To start with, they are basically an “improvement” on the standard ball head.  While ball heads are the standard, they can be a little cumbersome when trying to steady the camera in one hand and hold the tightening screw in the other.

The pistol grip alleviates this issue by holding and re-positioning all in a one-handed movement.  By squeezing the grip, it releases the ball so that the head is free to move about – just like a simple ball head.  Then, to lock it into place, you simply release the trigger and voila!  It snaps into place and holds like a rock.

The downside?  It is a bit heavy, and doesn’t pack as small as a minimalist ball-head.  However, if you’ve ever struggled with the twisting and turning while steadying and holding, you may want to consider this as a solution.

Go forward and give it a shot,